Pee Challenge

Today I decided to have a holding day; I awoke at 9am needing to pee fairly badly after a good 8 hours asleep. In fact I had last relieved myself at around 9pm so had already been holding my load for around 12 hours and would go so far as to say it was uncomfortable, I decided to add to my fullness by drinking a litre of water and challenged myself to hold it in until 6pm, boyfriend would be home at 6:30pm so I would be done and relaxed by then. I quickly showered as I knew that the longer I left it the harder it would be whilst needing to pee, I dressed and switched on the laptop, I sat checking emails and sorting through work for an hour or two, all the time sipping from my 1L bottle of water.

I decided to pop to the supermarket to get some ingredients for dinner, I now needed to pee really badly and found it a struggle to fasten my jeans. I jumped in the car and headed out, parking at the supermarket and walking to the front doors I found myself briefly distracted by my need and realised that I’d left my shopping bags in the boot, I turned around and walked back to the car, checking the clock on the dashboard as I did, almost 1pm, wow this day was flying by! I took a big drink of my water then left it on the passenger seat while I headed back to the supermarket. The store was packed as the kids are on holidays, so it was full of stressed Mum’s and kids shouting “Can I have, can I have?” so it took me way longer than usual to get around, over an hour in fact, I desperately wanted to pee by the time I got to the checkout. I loaded the conveyor, shuddering and almost leaking when I held the freezing ice-cream for a moment too long.

I stood gently bobbing and shifting from foot to foot while the woman in front of me let her 5 year old load the bags, she obviously had all the time in the world, and she then bought out a handful of coupons that had to be individually scanned. Some didn’t work properly so she had to rummage through the bags to find the items to prove to the assistant that she had purchased them. She kept looking at me apologetically and smiling, I think she mistook my stressed look and constant movements as annoyance, she was partly right but mainly I was utterly desperate to pee now, and standing still for so long was sheer torture. I slowly crossed my legs and squeezed my thighs together, oh what a relief! I sighed deeply “I’m so sorry” a voice penetrated my ecstasy. I looked up to find the cashier looking at me whilst scanning my first item, thank God I thought, I wasn’t sure I could have held it much longer. I walked to the end of the checkout and began to unfold my bags, crossing my legs again as I did so.

“I could see you getting angry I felt so sorry for you” the young assistant sympathised, “Oh it’s not that I’m just DESPERATE for a wee” I said without even thinking, I instantly blushed surprised by my own outburst! “Oh gosh how awful, the toilets are just there on your way out” she said. I thanked her and then fought to stay still for the remainder of the transaction, I really was desperate so it was difficult, “Have you had a lot to drink this morning?” the cashier asked to my astonishment, “Quite a bit yes” I replied, “Oh no, have you needed to go for long?” this conversation was strange but I humoured her “Yeah a couple of hours, it’s been a busy morning” I lied. “Oh, well at least you can go soon, I don’t get my break for another half an hour” she informed me. I looked at her, her cheeks were flushed and she was perched on the edge of her seat gently moving her bum back and forth but skilfully remaining still from the hips upwards. I decided to respond by questioning her in the same manner as she had done me “Have you drunk a lot this morning? How long have you needed it?” I virtually blurted out, suffering with my own desperation. “Well, I went out with my friends last night to the pub and got really drunk, I was still really drunk when I woke up so I drank a litre of water and 3 cups of coffee before starting my shift at 11am, as soon as I sat down here I realised I needed it but have asked several times and since someone has called in sick I don’t get my break until 3 and there’s nobody free to cover me for a quick loo break as we’re so busy and short staffed, I think I’m about to wet myself I’m so desperate!” I looked at my watch, it wasn’t quite 2:30pm yet so she had a while to wait. “Do u think you’ll be ok? I can speak to your manager...?” I offered, “Oh God no! I’m already in trouble as I was a few minutes late, I don’t have a choice I have to make it I can’t wet myself here, God I can’t believe I’m discussing this with a customer!” she giggled, holding her bladder as she did before wincing and quickly stopping smiling through pain.

I had soon packed my shopping and was dying to know what was going to happen, I bid her farewell and good luck and went to walk away when my phone rang, I struggled to push the trolley, put my purse away and answer it so sat down on the windowsill opposite the checkout to sort myself out. I packed my purse away and was about to stand up when I realised I could pretend to be on the phone and stay and watch what happened, it was now almost 2:45pm so not long to go. I looked up at the checkout girl who was biting her lip and arching her back; from time to time she was visibly wriggling about and kept looking up toward the staff door, desperate for someone to cover her. Her hand disappeared below the checkout as the other hand wiped a bead of sweat from her forehead, she suddenly sat bolt upright and gasped, rising slightly above the chair, and I knew in an instant that she had just leaked. She was captivating and I had completely forgotten about my desperation, at about 2:55pm a member of staff approached and took her place, she escaped her till, not noticing me at all, she began to walk extremely slowly toward the staff door just 50 yards away. Half way there she began to speed up, placing her hand in her crotch I knew she was about to wet herself, she reached the staff door and threw herself against it frantically punching in her code to the lock, she fumbled and tried several times before beginning to unashamedly pee dance. I could now see pee running down the legs of her tights as she stood there crying, desperately trying to punch in her code, eventually the door opened as another employee came out and she ran inside leaving a large puddle outside the door. I gasped in awe of her, before realising my own desperation and that I had frozen goods to get home as it was now gone 3pm.

I loaded the car and drove home with few problems, seemingly feeling better after the excitement of watching someone else struggle. I arrived home and suffered the usual struggle at the door when my bladder knew the toilet was near and mistakenly thought it was near to relief. It was a monumental task to hold on; I stood in the kitchen unloading the bags while pee dancing furiously, with one hand firmly planted in my crotch. Once again the ice-cream was a problem; the coldness from the freezer hit my bare toes and made me squirt a little into my knickers. I moaned and folded double trying to hold it in, it hurt now to hold on and my bladder was so full moving was painful. I made a cup of tea and sat down to drink it with a biscuit, the first thing I had eaten all day. Soon I was enjoying watching the news and was briefly distracted from my desperation, although I sat fanning my legs open and closed to hold back. My phone was ringing so I answered, it was my boyfriend, he had hurt his back at work and needed picking up. I agreed and seriously contemplated peeing before going to get him; it was only a 10 minute drive each way so I figured I could manage just about.

To make sure I was nice and desperate when I got back I chugged the remaining quarter of a litre of water, and a glass of lemon iced tea to quench my raging thirst! I got back in the car, the petrol gauge was on empty but it was only a couple of miles so I knew it would be ok. I picked up my poor boyfriend who was in some pain, he asked me to drive the long way around to avoid the speed humps on the short cut. I was so pre-occupied with my bladder which was about to burst that I didn’t even consider petrol, and low and behold as we went to pull away form the traffic lights the engine spluttered and came to a halt, despite my attempts to restart it there was no use.

My boyfriend could barely move let alone walk so I knew it was up to me to go for petrol, fortunately we had just passed a station less than a mile back so it wasn’t a long walk but oh my God I was desperate to pee now, I would simply HAVE to use the bathroom at the petrol station when I got there. I could feel that iced tea and water emptying from my stomach and knew it was making its may down to my bladder at a rapid rate. I began to walk, I had only gone a few steps when I had to stop and cross my legs, I was next to a very busy main road so there was nowhere to squat like I so badly wanted to. It was only 5pm anyway so I hadn’t met my goal yet! I carried on walking, bent forward, walking slowly, moaning and with such an aching bladder and cramping stomach I began to wonder if I needed more than just a wee. The pain was tremendous and I soon found it difficult to walk, I crouched down and sat onto my heel to try and find relief.

“Are you ok down there?” a male voice enquired... I looked up to see a man looking down at me, he was also holding a petrol canister, I stood up to face him and confessed that I was desperate for the toilet and was on my way to get petrol and use the bathroom. I didn’t care who knew it I was quite literally about to burst and felt sick with the cramps, he replied “I’ll let u into a secret, I’m desperate for a p*ss too, and also need petrol, so will walk with you” I felt relieved and less stupid, I could hardly talk and so we walked almost silently to the garage, with me stopping every few feet to deal with a cramp. Eventually we arrived at the forecourt and filled up, both standing opposite one another fidgeting and pee dancing, for the first time he grabbed his penis as he stood there.

We entered the shop and paid for our petrol, he asked where the bathrooms were and to our horror the assistant replied that there weren’t any, I immediately asked if there were any staff ones I could use as it was an emergency but she replied that she wasn’t allowed to let us in. I turned on my heels and began to walk out, resigning myself that I had to get home as soon as possible, it was half past 5 now and I no longer cared about the challenge, I just had to pee. My companion vanished around the back of the car wash and came back looking a little more chipper, obviously having relieved himself as only men could. Soon we parted company and he wished me luck as he headed off in the opposite direction, after what seemed like a marathon I was back at the car, my legs ached badly from being so stiff and tensed and I absent mindedly sat in the drivers seat and turned the key, puzzled when it didn’t start. I realised I hadn’t put the petrol in and quickly got up again, as I stood trying to pour the petrol in while pee dancing I felt a gush of pee escape, I was wearing shorts and it ran down my bare legs and collected in my sandals.

I squealed in desperation as I tried to hold off the full flood, I danced around and clenched everything until I was back in control then jumped back in the car and quickly started the engine. I unzipped my shorts and held my pee hole, rubbing as I drove, I felt a hand come over and replace mine in my crotch, the warm and comforting hand of my boyfriend rubbed at my pee hole while I moaned in a mixture of agony and ecstasy and desperately tried to squeeze back the pee despite having to have my legs open to drive. I rushed to park and get out of the car and fumbled to get the keys out of the ignition and then help my boyfriend up, a huge cramp overcame me and I doubled over in pain, there was a LOUD splash followed by a hiss and the sound of water splattering on the paving of the car park. I crossed my legs but it carried on “Ohhh I can’t stop it I really can’t” I groaned, with all my muscles clamped I was still powerless to hold back the flood which was still pouring from me furiously.

I opened my legs and stepped onto the grass, hot pee gushed from me, it didn’t even run down my legs at first, it just went straight down to the ground splattering as it did, splashing up my legs and feet. I squeezed hard to try and speed up the flow but it really hurt so I guessed I was at full speed, eventually it slowed and began to run down my legs, god it was so hot it almost burned but despite my sheer embarrassment from peeing myself in full view of the neighbours it was SUCH a tremendous relief, I was disappointed that I was so close to home, but it was 6:05pm so I had achieved my challenge. I squatted down to make sure I was empty before standing up and waddling to the door with such wet shorts and pants, the pee had soaked the denim so it was plain to see what had happened. I made it upstairs and ******** off, letting out another huge pee whilst in the shower and HAVE NOT stopped peeing since, although I have drunk several litres of water to ensure I am flushed out after such a long hold, within half an hour I felt bursting desperate again so went to the loo, assuming I wouldn’t actually have much inside but that my bladder was tired so making me feel desperate.

I decided to measure and managed a 1900ml pee, so can only imagine how much was inside me for that first pee! I am holding again now, have been for about an hour or maybe more and am utterly desperate and almost unable to concentrate, (have had to check this last paragraph for spelling several times) it’s virtually unbearable so am off to measure again and see how much is inside again! Ooh gosh I’m bursting, wetting myself!!!!!!!!!!! Eek!
Bursting Bursting
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2 Responses Aug 3, 2010

incredible! such a long hold ;)

A well-written story, with a whole series of events that conspired to make you hold longer.