Almost Doesn't Count

So up until recently I was a university student and several of my classes ran on odd/extended hours. One such class was a lecture that ran from 8-11am, often without any breaks. One morning I woke up and realized that the clock said 7:53am. My 8am class was due to start in minutes and was clear on the other side of campus. In a panic I jumped out of bed, threw on clothes, and ran out the door without taking my morning pee. I arrived at class just as the professor was starting so I had no time to go once I got there so I just took my seat. Out of breath, I took out the large water bottle that I always carry with me and quickly downed its content. Bad idea, lol. As my body relaxed I quicked realized that I had to pee. And badly. I was beginning to jiggle my legs and press my thighs together. I glanced at the clock but only a half an hour had passed. I was going to have to hold it for another two and a half hours. Soon after that I was having to lean forward in my seat and I was rubbing my hands up and down my thighs. My bladder was really starting to hurt. As the pressure increased it became harder to just sit there and squirm. Suddenly, a particularly harsh wave of pressure hit me nearly causing me to leak. Gasping slightly in panic, I whipped off my hoodie and placed it over my lap so that I could hold myself. Being able to hold my crotch helped but I knew I was never going to be able to make it through the rest of class. Paniced I really began squirming in my seat. The pressure kept increasing to the point where I was holding myself with both hands under my hoodie and I couldn't quit moving for a second. Suddenly I was wracked with this huge wave of pressure that, despite all my clenching and holding, caused me to leak. Thats when I knew that there was no where I could make it through the rest of class. If I didn't leave soon I was going to have an accident in class! Quickly I gathered up my belongings and sneaked out. I walked home as quickly as I could with my thighs clenched together. Every couple of minutes I would feel another little leak escape. Thankfully though there were no spots on my jeans. Finally I made it back to my dorm and rushed onto the elevator. Once inside I was openly grabbing myself with both hands and doing the pee pee dance like crazy. Once at my floor I dashed down the hall with one hand still over my crotch and managed to get my door unlocked despite the shaking and bobbing up and down in desperate agony. As I shut the down I dropped my bag and ran into the bathroom. The sight of the tiolet made the pounding in my bladder worse than ever and I let out a full squirt before I could stop it. Bobbing up and down with my legs crossed I unquickly unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans and managed to shove them down my legs. But just as I reached for my panties my bladder just lost it. After receiving the most painful and intense wave ever, the floodgates opened and I started peeing furiously. I tried to squeeze it off but I couldn't. Still peeing I gingerly made my way over to the toilet and then just let go. It was incredible :)
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Wow what a amazing story thanks for sharing it I'd love to chat with you about your accidents if ur interested msg me ttys

Thank you thank you thank you. You have shared of my favourite situation in the world. The best part being the small leaks AND THEN holding the rest. This means so much more to me than losing all in one big go. You were really brave to shut off / clench all that pressure. I love this tale so dearly -- thanks.

I think it would have been neat if you had peed your pants in class. I know it would have been totally embarrassing but wouldnt it have been neat? Just imagine if you had to go that bad it would have run down onto the floor and made a puddle just like when in grade school kids would pee there pants. I always thought that was neat. I know you can say it I am weird.<br />
I always have this fantasy of being in a little school girl skirt and having to pee so bad and the teacher telling me that I cannot I hold and hold till I start leaking. Eventually of course I lose total control and wet myself and the floor. But the teacher makes me drink lots of water and tells me to hold it. It is my punishment for raising my hand and asking to go to the bathroom. She makes me drink bottle after bottle of water. Until pee finally just starts to pour right out of me. That is a fantasy of mine. Kinda cool I think. So, see I think it would have been cool for you to pee your pants in class.