At The Fair

So i hate the fair now but when i was like 18 i went there and my grandpa had called me to meet up! So i wait it was such a mess that i decided i would just eat and if he came i could just eat a little! SO i ate some kettle korn and a hot dog and two things of pop! The of course my grandpa shows up and i eat again we sit and chat and then he said "i have to go to the bathroom and then i better head out" SO as i see him leave i fell the urge to poop and pee so i wait in line for a urinal as im waiting i decide i would just go a tiny bit and if it showed i would just say i i spilt water! And when i finnaly get up there my stupid collage roomate finds me and starts talking ot me and i loose my spot in line! As im waiting it get worse and i decide i either go in my wants or in the trash can i decided that i would wait in line for as long as i could until i had to make a choice! A im waiting it gets worse and worse and the i fell it the poop slip out of me and fill my briefs and then i fell urine surrond my jeans and i fall down of embarrassment and it goes up my but whole down my legs then the pees everywhere and then unfortunately i fell more need to poop and it seems to be runny i make a dash for my car when the diarrhea goes everywhere! I got in the car an the car literally smelled for 2 months!
Brianhrocks Brianhrocks
22-25, M
May 13, 2012