A Steady Stream

I woke up and prepared for the day. I decided that I was going to wet myself really good. I drank a lot in the morning, about 3 diet cokes and then stopped by the gas station for 2 bottles of water thoughout the day. I was on the verge of wetting myself almost the entire day. I allowed myself a couple of 10 or 15 seconds relief pees when I just couldn't hold any more. I'd rush the the bathroom and do a fast count when I was peeing. It was hard to stop and when I put my **** back in my pants I'd squirt a little in my underware. It felt really great. By the time my last appointment I was over I was really needing to go again and just barely made it out of the building. I drove to a nearby gas station to refuel. I scanned my card and started the pump. I then put my wallet back in the car and returned to the pump starting to pee in my pants. When I got to the pump I spread my legs and started ******* full out. The warm pee quickly spread down both legs and began puddling on the ground. My staruated pants couldn't contain so much **** a stream started to drip to the ground between my legs. As I looked down to see the stream I noticed 3 work guys in the van behind me notice it too. They looked at me with surprise but didn't say any thing. I finished filling my car walked around it a couple of times to show some passers by my wet pants and left. Feeling like a repeat soon. 

delguy delguy
1 Response Mar 10, 2010

A good account, though what I enjoy is sensing the urgent need to pee and my efforts to keep from wetting myself. I actually don't like wet pants! On occasion I will allow myself a partial pee and then require myself to hold it longer.