So i was with my best friend Brock and we went for some drinks and while I am at the bar i really have to go and i see a line for the mens restroom! So i decide it would be easier to wait! So i have a habit to keep drinking and i barley know so it turned out while watching a re-run of "The Voice" I had 2 drinks then i really have to pee and i sorta have to pee! I see the line go larger! So i keep watching and i have one more! (It was water by the way) Then i really felt the onion rings start to come back! So as I am waiting for the line i google it and somebody says just go a little so i decide i would just go a little and i see a blonde girl next to me and she is so pretty! But then i let out the loudest fart and i fell my briefs start to fill! And when i take a dump and home i usually pee while I am doing so as natural i start to pee and it gross i just ran out of there! And when i was going to text Brock i take out my i phone and there is pee all over it (it wasn't broken) So i text him and he text back! it got on the seat and the girl chair and he said see you at home! I felt so embraced when i get home i relieved to find that my wife and her friend is gone i shower up and throw all the clothes away!
Brianhrocks Brianhrocks
22-25, M
May 8, 2012