I could never understand gambling, my whole life was turned upside down living with one.My ex of not so long did have a drink [addic],but i didnt see the gambling.Oh boy was my life going to take a turn for the worse.Ther is so much i could write here but just say the few.the stealing, liein blaming. and of course came just made him a very angry man.The rehabs didnt seem to be helping, although it was he who didnt want change.I am a mom iv spend yrs running the hse was hard paying the bills alone,rent food and making sure the kids had the little things that make them happy..To cut a long story short i left this man, many beatings later, I was so scared of him.the tempers i was walking on free now but still think of what the gambling did to my life...thank you for reading my short story...

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Im dating this man. He used to be a lawyer but then due to smoking, he couldnt fight at the court very well and fluently. But after that, he had had some money about a few mils. Then he moved to Vietnam to invest. back at home, his wife cheated on him and they got a divorce. He is taking care of his 3 children. He started to gamble ever since. He's got more and more addictive. He lost 5 millions into gambling. All his investment, many buildings were lost. At first he told me it was just a habit. Now i know that it's a disease. He doesnt bet as high as before not because it's only a habit but because he doesnt have much left to bet that much. Recently, it's got worst. I would never cheat on him if he is overseas. But if he is a gambler and a bad father, i definitely will leave him. But he never hit me, not aggressive or bad tempered or maybe hasnt shown yet.... It just breaks me down seeing him like this... Dont know what to do...

Yes, my ex divorced her husband because of his gambling problem.

Oh that you pet,it was a dark time,but happy to say behind.

Well done for surviving this nightmare

Yes, Baba i agree at this point he is begging.and pleading.Plz dont think id go there.Its just his afraid of how long in wil get in priosn for all the wrong he did,hugs

I am so glad you got our of that situation. Please don't go back. So many women do. Some men program women to keep coming back. They say over and over you can not make it without them and over and over again you keep going back. Fear is what keeps women going back. Fear of not being able to find another man to love. Love is not beatings and cheating. The fears have no foundation. Get out while you can like this women did and learn to love yourself again. You are gambling with your life. <br />
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Bless You<br />
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Yes my ex,s family were gamblers to amazing.I never had the cheating,then again thats the words of a bring light......we are free...........hugs

i understand your feelings very well. Been there done that. From a rich woman who shops at Prestige Floor where they sell only branded goods... from a lady who need no queue up at the bank... A lady who need not use a single cent from her 0 at day end. I too left the man... He never admit him him gambling but the cheating just add up to the reason why I said 'Please leave this house, return me the keys'....He left. We are still friends now after the divorce. I blamed his genes.. His mum and dad and grand parents ..They are all GOD OF GAMBLER!