Music Makes the World Go Round

I've been listening to music sense before I can remember...I mean..who hasn't? I think I would go absolutly CRAZY without music. It's my best friend. It brings me up when when I down and brings a smile to my face. I usualy listen to Rock but I like a lot of different things. You know how that goes.

Eskimo Eskimo
18-21, F
2 Responses Jul 29, 2007

I joined today. I read these comments on music and just had to give a view. I sing and play country and easy listening music. I play alone or sometimes with another guy in a duet or even as a four piece band. It is the music that is important, whatever genre it is. It can touch every human emotion, because it is born of every human emotion. The singing voice is the perfect etension to the human psychy ( I don't know if I've spelt that right ), and can give voice to whatever is in your heart and soul. Rock on babe.

It amazes me how universal music is, too. Not just different cultures but species. Whales sing, foxes croon, bears hum -- I'm glad you love it. Have a great day.