I Love Just The Way They Are

Since childhood, pets especially dogs are my best buds. Just like human, they do have unique qualities and "cute attitude" that will keep you smile. I have 2 shihtzu, a poodle and a mixed breed. My female shihtzu was my birthday gift from my boyfriend. She was my first pure breed. I can feel that she also understand what i am telling her but sometimes refuses my command (she's naughty and a spoiled brat - lol). When she whelped, we have decided to keep a male coz we couldn't resist his "puppy face". He loves bathing though most of the time he spend his whole day sleeping. He has a face of a shihtzu - top-tied knot on his head, silky long hair. Then my worst pet, my white-colored miniature poodle, who spend her day biting my short, my face, the tail of my two shihtzu. She can't live without teasing and running after us. But the sweetest thing about her is just she knows how to be a darling. Last is my mongrel, the smartest among them, she had few tricks that really amazed tods.

Though it is hard to keep them, And requires a requires full affection. I would rather spend my life with them than with insensitive people.
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1 Response Jun 14, 2010

the bad part is you cannot converse. Ive had two best friends whom were animals, one of which recently passed. I love my animals