Eveeyone Needs A Home

I have always had a passionate love for animals of every variety. As a human I believe it is our responsibility to care for all of creation. I also believe that we can find great pleasure & love in the care of a pet. It is also a great way to introduce children to being responsible for someone other than themselves.

However, I don't believe that means we should create pets for the sake of having a pet. We have had so many wonderful pets in our home & lives over the years. All of whom were abandoned, neglected or abused by the ones who were suppose to be caring for them.

Right now we have 3 rabbits & a pit- bull. The rabbits we adopted from a local wildlife rescue, wildliferescueinc.org. They are such a delight to watch & care for. Our pit came to us through my sisters cat rescue, luckycatrescue.org. She has a passion for cats but when she saw this beautiful stray wandering downtown she couldn't turn him away. Neither could we.

Even though I am against peg stores & breeders, I couldn't imagine my life without pets.
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2 Responses Aug 1, 2010

I can believe that!<br />
I got Boerboelpuppy (Eng.= Boerbull) ±6 months ago. I know race / breed and they are 'real dogs'. I got her for protection purposes!

I love animals. You are 100% right, we have to care for creation!<br />
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Almost any creature can become a pet. I have fishes, 4 dogs and 3 cats. The latter 2 all came from the SPCA. When I visit there it is difficult to leave without another pet.