I Don't Love My Pets

I'm a person who enjoys their distance from others and both keeps pets and strives to keep many more pets in the future. The attitude that people take towards me after learning this is that I'm awkwardly substituting people as the target of my love with animals. This might sound like a fairly callous thing to say but really, I can't say I'd love my pets. Truth to be told, I'd be hard pressed to be able to name any things that I'd love with all my heart. I'm just not a strongly emotional person, no matter what the subject.

There are, however, things that I can survive without but cannot truly live without, and those things include people and pets. It's insulting, even, that many people view my relationship with both people and other animals as negligible simply because it isn't deep, loyal attachment to specific ones and because I lack the belief that the ones I do somehow prefer over the others are somehow really, really special. The profound differences between complex individuals are a wonder to behold and something that should be respected, certainly, but I maintain that it is just as grand to appreciate the general, interchangeable traits of both strikingly different individuals and far less discernible ones.

So, just be perfectly clear with you who have pets of the cute, long-lived, personable kind: just because some of you don't see the allure of keeping cockroaches and other invertebrates as pets and just because I don't make long-lasting bonds with most of my pets doesn't make my experiences with them any less profound or meaningful.

Verp Verp
Oct 31, 2011