Nature Made Beasts, Plants And Other Things...

...and caring for a beast, pot plant or even your own pet-rock, you keep contact to mother nature. The moment you lose that ever thinner thread of primal urge and caring for such things, you lose your own connection to nature, and are bound to become a damn borg...even if you don't go greenpeace or care much about recycling or such, you should still try to respect nature, at least, in the closest circle of your pack, life and soul. A pet is more than possession. A pet is like a foster-child you took under your wings and must be protected and loved as your own, or else, they end the way some fishes do...swimming upside down and leaving you alone...and you don't want that, believe me. I had an aquarium when I was small, and forgot to feed them a week because I had not filled up the food disperser before hollidays...when I came back there were two of ten left...they had cannibalized each other to survive. so dammit, CARE for your hurts to loose them.
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I have a dog too and keep him as he's a human.. we provide him everything that is necessary for him... and i love my pets.. : )


I agree completely. When i had pets.. they were my family.. i loved them some much. It hurts my heart to see people not only not take care of their pets.. but also not love them.<br />
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