Love My Babies

I couldn't picture Life without pets, I have 3 cats and 2 dogs who I love VERY much!

Where I live we have MANY stray wild cats here in this apartment complexs and I feed them every morning, I even worm them by putting it in can food when I have to because they will not let me get close to them.

Right now I have rescued a 2 week old kitten I been bottle feeding all week long that was found here at the complexs that my son brought home.

I just gave away 2 previous kittens that I rescued 3 weeks ago that were in bad shape and needed medical attention and they too were bottle fed.

I love PETS and I do what I can even for the ones that are not my own.

My two cats  that are ours go outside to greet the other ones, were one big happy family here :)

Oh. and my two dogs LOVE anything that are babys, they watch over the baby kittens that I help and laye beside the basket and clean it, and my one male cat Max cleans the baby kittens to help out, If he only had a ninney we'd be in great shape, and my job with them would be easier :)



snowbird73 snowbird73
Sep 10, 2008