I Am Lost ...

I once had 2 cats, 2 very special cats.  I lost one to an illness and I lost one due to age.  I had them both cremated to always have them here with me.  I miss my babies more than I can say.  When they died a large part of me died with them. 

I want my babies back.  I couldn't picture life without them ... I still feel the same way.  I have moved and we can't have pets here.  Although I am disabled and could use a dog to help me out, to help when I drop items, to help me walk, to help me to stay warm, I can't take a bath because I can't get out of the tub. 

I can't afford a dog.  My husband & I are both disabled.  We are hoping that maybe someday soon we may be able to afford a special dog for myself.  He could use a dog too since he has a lot of trouble walking and standing up and sitting down too.

Anyway, life without pets ... wouldn't wish this upon anyone ....

serenitynpeace serenitynpeace
Sep 15, 2008