I Can't Live Wthout Them and Remember All of My Loved Pets

When a child i had three parrots - one died due to illness, the second due to his age, the third my father accidently let out of the cage while i was in camp (Kesha flew away then). later i had a cat. my parents and i loved him. Someone left him (a small kitten with orange fur with white stripes and green eyes) at our door so we took him in. When he turned three he fell ill (something connected with stomach). Doctors have tried to cure him for a year and after they put him to sleep so he wouldn't suffer any more. I also had 2 rats - loyal as dogs and funny. The girl was pink with red eyes and boy-rat was white with black spots and black eyes. they licked my fingers every time i fed them:) But rats don't live more than 2-3 years. I was given a little kitten (orange with white). But he was ill from the very beginning. So after two weeks veterinarian put him to sleep. I still remember them all. Now i have a turtle - small dinasaur. Funny thing is when i bought the pet i thought it was a girl. After almost 12 years - it turned out that she is a HE:)))))))

kuroshi kuroshi
1 Response Sep 20, 2008

They are in our Heavenly Fathers Kingdom.......you will see all of them when you have finished your experience on this earth and return home<br />
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hugssss sister