Must Have a Pet!

I started with a guinea pig when I was 5.  My dad brought it home in his pocket as a surprise.  I names the piggie Frosty because he was white.  We couldn't have a dog or cat when I was young because my brother was allergic so I had pets I could keep in my room.  Over the years I had 2 gerbils, 2 white mice, a hampster named Pierre, and 5 more guinea pigs.  When I got out on my own I had a beautiful grey cat named Thunderpurr.  And I also had a hedgehog.  Thunderpurr did not like the hedgehog because she puffed up and popped him in the nose with her spines.  Right now I have my mother's 2 cats, 13-year-old brothers, living with us.  It is always so good to have a pet around.  A house feels wrong without an animal in it - way too quiet.  I could never live without a pet.

swirlingmist swirlingmist
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1 Response Feb 8, 2009

I always said there's something not quite right about people who don't like animals. :P