No Fuzzy Friends???

Since the age of 4, I've always had pet cats living in the same house with me. I wouldn't know how to live in a home, without at least one cat around. It would be lonely. :-(

I couldn't imagine not speaking with cats, everyday, and talking with dogs too. Who would knock down my stuff or poop in the middle of the floor? Who would I yell at? And who would I hug or would curl up in my lap? Who would notice when I am not feeling well and would take a nap with me... only to kick me in my back with their kitty feet? Yes, my pets are annoying, but I'd miss them if they were gone. :-/

That's why I am so happy that we do have pets! Animals are one of the greatest joys in life. :-D

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2 Responses Mar 12, 2009

They give you routine and obligations too, which is good for the mind. :)

Totally agree. I dunno how I'd live without them. I love my kitties so much!