Its Hard Without Them

i have had cats my whole life. some i got along with like they were my sibling others were more like my children. over the years there have been a lot of hellos and goodbyes i have learned a lot from my cats over the years. i learned that cats can live a great happy life while having feline aids or how well mannered a cat can be while get insolin shots twice a day everyday for three years before losing his battle as a diabetic. i have seen how loyal and protective they can be and much love they have in their hearts. i have seen how greatful they can be when you save their lives and give them a chance at life. how well they respond to love, hope, and kindness. i have felt the pain of letting one go either to a new home or in death. i have felt the miracal of a cat living when the vet says they will never survive the week. i have seen a cat quit breathing and given it cpr and prayed for that cat to have a chance at life and to know what it is like to have a family and to know how it feels to be wanted and loved and feel that cat take in a breath that was so needed. my life has been a learning train and it has had many teachers in it. it has had the happy passanger and the sad. i know i could never picture my life without all my cats. they are my friends, family, and children. and everyday i carry the memories of the fallen with  me in my heart and realize that it is hard without them in my life. they are my shoulder to cry on and the open ears when no one else will lisson. i am happpy to have my cats in my life and i will always miss the ones that i have lost over the years.

sarahkay sarahkay
22-25, F
Feb 7, 2010