Still Inconceivable!

 Just hoping they understand it too!!Why they are not giving it a thought and ready to leave me?I just could not imagine a life with you playing no part!!

maskedmenace maskedmenace
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6 Responses Nov 15, 2009

Omg....You do it again...Takes his towel...Ties it around his bleeding head....Chases kitti along with a bucket of ice cold water all the way to the gate...Closes the gate behind and runs chasing her on the road!!

ohh no wolf oh my what have I done * runs back falls on knees looking at MM sadly * oh my poor wolf , *leans over MM * what can I do darling ...well I will be nice to you now no you can feel better ...*smiles sweetly at MM , tilts head .... throws ice cold water on his head ..laughing runs ..leaving MM sputtering and wet*

*Falls on his knees and down on the floor after the attack by kitti.Is wounded and in pain.Looks for some mercy from kitti.But watches kitti walking away happily after her victory.Groans in pain*

*puts ninja suit on and black boots .runs after MM and jumps on his back * ;P admit defeat I have beat you this time no? *giggles*

*Chases kitti,grabs her hand,pinches back at her thighs and runs hard*

*giggles runs in hugs MM , pinches behind , runs out *