Life Was Fine Before You, But Now It's Better...

My life was fine before I met you my love.

And on all my lists and post it notes, I never had you written in, not even in pencil.

And now, here you are.

Here WE are.

It will be a year in December.

A YEAR!!!!!!!

And it has been difficult for me

and I have made it difficult for you.

Unfortunately I have made you pay for the crimes of others who have cheated, hurt me, lied, etc.

But you hung in.

You remained the calm in my storm. Never once raising your voice or anything.

You have helped chase the ghosts from past relationships away.

This weekend was wonderful, just hanging out and talking and watching films and playing outside with the animals.

It amazes me how well our lives fit together.

I couldn't picture life without you.

And I told you so this evening, and you too, said how happier your life is with me and...

I love how you talk about your feelings with me. :)

*happy dance*

Thank you for being YOU

and for loving me for ME.

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4 Responses Nov 15, 2009

Wow. Sometimes, I just don't realize how much I've touched people.<br />
<br />
Wait. You WERE talking about me, right?<br />
Pfft. <br />

Beautiful. What a great tribute! :)

Thanks Zombie I change alot but am big on polar bears!

Marvelous story bravo very beautiful indeed!