I Seem to Be a Counsellor to Many People.

I seem to be, and would like to be a qualified counsellor.  I have had so much experience my self from psychotherapists and counsellors, and have found out what works and what doesn't.

When I was going to a day Hospital for therapy, I found that many of the other clients came to me for help, and could open up to me more than their therapists.  Even a therapist gave me a client in distress to sort out by myself.  I succeeded very well, and he said he had never opened up as much before.

I seem to have an empathy with people in distress.  I have become a Samaritan now, which has given me that extra training.  I have been a nurse all my life, but it did not include counselling really except for listening to upset parents.  I love helping people. It gives me great satisfation.  It is amazing how many people are just so grateful to be listened to, and understood.

If you ever feel the need to confide in me, I will be only too pleased to try and help you.

You may e-mail me at. pickle.43@btinternet.com

God Bless everyone, and big Hugs.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

lovingangel lovingangel
61-65, F
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Calamityncuriosity,<br />
I am very pleased to be your friend.<br />
I try my best to help as many people as possible.<br />
HUGS.<br />

Bless you, hun, you have such a gentleness and kindness about you: thank you for being a friend :) xxx

Sounds as if you do lots as it is and the Sams do great work. One of my friends works for them. Keep up the good work! Isn't it good to contribute and make a difference?

I am a little too old to do that now, and not well enough to follow the training through. Anyway I am hopeless at doing research and reading stuff, so don;t think I would make it. The Samaritan training was pretty stringent and taught ma a great deal. I already help as many people as I can.

Hi loving Angel - my own background was in nursing. I first of all did a counselling skills course followed by a post graduate diploma in counselling. 3 years after completing that I was able to resign from nursing as I had full time work in counselling and psychotherapy. You obviously have the people skills - why don't you do professional training and help people in another way?