My Obsession

I count them every day. The moment I wake up and have some breakfast, I have to count exactly how many calories are in what I'm eating. Usually for breakfast I won't eat more than 200 calories. For lunch, I give myself a little more leeway to eat something more fulfilling, and for dinner I usually eat a little more than lunch. I try to keep my calories under 1500 so I won't get bigger, but depriving myself makes me want to eat 20lbs of food.

I hate when friends ask me to go out to eat with them because I feel like I have to look up what the calories are for my dish, so that I will still be able to keep count of my calories for the day. But going to a restaurant makes me want to eat whatever is in sight, so I usually deviate from my caloric allowance. Then I get upset at myself and slip into a slight depression.

I know my calorie counting is an obsession. I just don't think could eat anything without trying to count the calories. I miss the younger days when calories didn't matter.
Illyria02 Illyria02
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2 Responses Feb 16, 2012

I won't put any food in my mouth unless I know what's in it. I also count spices, vitamins, drinks, everything. I guess it's just my ed but I cringe if I go over 600 calories a day. I try so hard to only eat my safe foods but I count them too. I love how ppl ask me why I count veggies and fruit. A calorie is a calorie and ppl don't get it.

Now there are restaurants that post the calories on there menu next to the meal. I feel safer now whenever I decide to eat out.