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When I was 5 I was bullied for the first time. They'd call me fat or ugly. Then they just kept on going untill I was 8. It had almost stopped when my BEST friend started calling me fat. I was so hurt. I've been wanting to lose weight ever since. Bullying got worse and now they'll push me around in the hallways and ask me to commit suicide.

Since I'm in highschool now, I have more control over my diet as my parents can't check on me. I'll eat one rice cracker in the morning, 24 kC, water in the afternoon, 0kC and I'll shuffle my food around in the evening taking three bites, making it look like I ate almost all of it.

My parents won't ever notice because my father is away most of the time and my mother isn't very caring or so. My friends at school don't notice because I've turned out to be very good at shuffeling my food around to make it look like I ate.
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Jan 15, 2013