Scared To Eat

i count calories all the time i have 400 calories everyday and have been doing this for the last 2 years it all started by dieting then i got obsessed with counting calories i began to loose my hair and is weak all the time i dont really talk to many people about it because no one really understands how hard it is i have good days then i get the bad days were im worrying what i have eaten or have i put weight on i never thought it would be like this not been able to eat without feeling guilty about what iv eaten im down all the time because all i do is think about food i can feel the hunger really bad but when im hungry i no its working that im going to loose weight and be skinny iv tried to up my calorie intake i say im going to do but i always end up not trying to . its embarassing when i go out and people stare at me because i look different or when i go for my food and check how many calories it contains people give me weird looks it would be nice to speak to someone who goes through this so i dont feel as if im alone the time .
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1 Response Jan 18, 2013

I can relate. Somedays when I decide to order a drink or sandwich in a public restaurant I always get a comment like. "Is that a diet sandwich you are ordering?" "You don't need that Skinny drink you don't need to lose any weight your fine." I wish people would just keep there 2 cents to themselves and let me order what I want.