Here's To Moving On

I am having a hard time appreciating what I have now, because I'm haunted by my past. I am divorced and think about him and his family often. It is blocking me from enjoying what I have now. I have a good man who loves me. And, he wants to love me even more, but I'm resistant to it. Today and forward I want to try and appreciate his love and the things he does for me. I want to build good memories with him so that I can leave my past behind and start something better. I want to find something better than what my ex husband and I had together.
bumblefuzz bumblefuzz
2 Responses May 13, 2012

It takes time bumblefuzz. Learning to let go of something that did not work hurts but it hurts even more to try and hang on to something that is now gone or maybe never really existed at all to begin with. It seems to me that the only constant in life is change. Even the world in which we now live will one day pass away.

I say the words, but they are untruths. I'm in love with my ex.

no you are in love with the idealized version. he is your ex for a reason. you are sabotaging your happiness over something that never was & never will be. let yourself be happy in the now.