I can see and look.
I can hear and listen.
I can watch and observe.
I can be dull but I choose to glisten.

I can fall and I can get back up.
I can smile and I can frown.
I can talk and sing.
I can be serious and I can clown around.

I can see black and I can see white.
I can see dark in the midst of light and still know I am alright.
I can touch and I can feel.
I have the gift of dreams about others and it is real.

I can eat. I can drink.
I can wake. I can sleep.
I choose to be a positive leader, not negative.
I am not superficial. I am deep.

I have friends. I have allies.
I have misses and I have tries.
I am hated. I am loved.
I am guided. I get shoved.

I am a rose. I am a picture.
I have thorns. I am not a fixture.
I don't ***** and cause harm.
I don't have all my pieces intact but there's no reason to be alarmed.

I have siblings in my earthly family tree.
I have siblings in my friends that God gave to me.
I can laugh. I can cry.
I can bask in the know. I can question and wonder why.

I adore my friends.
I believe in you.
It's not magic. It's true.

I'm not promised tomorrow.
I have a today.
I have a prequel in my own special way.
My collector's series is unfinished.
My sequel has yet to begin.
My chapter is ad lib.
I give my all and dive in.

I have a secret.
My friends treasure it whole.
I am someone's secret.
This is something we both know.

Hate comes in many a face.
I love life amidst the craze.
Some people love me whole.
Some people's love is just fool's gold.

I did not ask to be born disabled.
I do not live life thinking I am entitled.
My friends give me love unconditionally and I am enabled.

I know my heart is safe with those who love me whole.
I know I can count on my own God-given friends of gold.

I have a destiny.
I have a path on which I can go.
I have love.
This I know.

I may be hurt in life
by people who want their way
and ignore my plight
I may be given strife
by others night or day
and expect fright but
I am stuck with life like husband and wife
no matter what haters may say
and will delve in with all my might

I feel safe and I feel secure
with my friends who love me and never make me feel demure
They never put me at heart's risk
They never mix me with life's whisk

I count my blessings one and all
I get covered in emotional dressing and I stand tall
Be it loving and kind or hateful meant with some sort of emotional bind
I can say "Thank You, God. I'm good." and have peace of mind
Amidst the storms and in the fire
I have my friends and their belief in me and love helps me rise higher
blossomingbeauti blossomingbeauti
36-40, F
1 Response Aug 16, 2014

Beautiful poem by a very beautiful lady. Keep up the positive attitude.

Thanks :) *hug*