So I Thought It Was Just Me.

  So I thought it was just me he was being nice to. Since the short time I've been on this site I had so many shall we say the "norm" of men contacting me for pics or saying obvious kind words for alternate reasons. But his words were not like that. And though I doubted it, he seemed sincere.

  Now I know he is. I also know by what I have read and what I have heard some of you say of him that he is sincere and is always helping others out. I also was wondering if he is truly this good of a catch why he is single. After talking to a couple of you and going back and reading some of his stuff I know why. Someday he is going to make someone very lucky indeed. I know I'm not his type. But I still can't help but wish someday to meet a guy like him.

  He "claims" it is not his doing but those that have raised him and the kind of friends he hung around with. I don't think he takes enough credit. I noticed he loves to help others out in public chat. He helped me out in a HUGE way in private as well. I'm not sorry to say. I Love this guy! I think he rocks.

I see a few of you I like as well. Maybe I need to start a few groups for you all as well. :-) But this one is for you Rescue!

I promise to try and do as you said. I will start to hold my men accountable for their actions! You say that is the kind of woman you like. So maybe men like you are attracted to that. Maybe not. But I wish they could some how mold your DNA for future man kind!


OKAY I know I'm a bit fanatic. You just don't know how much help he has been. Then I see him doing it for others. So I know he is the real thing. I still wish he would open up about who he has a crush on in EP land though. :-)

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Yes he is. Though I've seen a bit of his fiesty side tonight as well. He seems a bit upset at some punks picking on CJ. I know he did more that just chat about it in public. Not sure what............. Hmm Rescue. What are you up too?

It isn't just you. Rescue is one of my best friends here. He is an honorable man that makes me feel good about myself every time we talk. He is a beautiful man with a huge heart.