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It was wednesday evening I opened my mailbox and saw my masters email with instructions for planned trip he asked me to join. I was excited to see him finally but nor sure how it will be with him. How do I look, what do I wear, what do I pack etc. And then there was another email saying he was planning his partner to join and something came up at her work and she couldn't join. Before my mind rushed thru all sort of things, I was reading his request to ask my sister summer to join us. Omg, my sister would see my submissive life plus she will join or not, I wasn't sure. My thoughts about trip and the excitement just got kicked in the ash as I felt a big question mark about my sister. Next night I got a chance while we were drinking with another common friend. When she was really drunk, I made my move and told her about the trip but not about my master. I lied to her about my master's relationship. She hesitated asking me questions but then when I told her about the resort she bought my request. Friday morning we were suppose to leave. In the morning I told her about the clothes and what my master asked she was bit shocked but on the other hand I found her curious. As good as I told get her in serious trouble she okayed to taste the water. I told her about my contract and all that. I was so surprised to see her taking me seriously.

Next morning we packed our bags. Actually there was nothing to pack. My master asked to bring five clothing pieces. I was given my fav blue and pink to her. I took one blue skinny jeans, two blue tops, 1 blue bra and two thongs. Summer took all pink except that she took one pink skirt and another trouser and just one top. She took boy shorts and sport bra. It was fun to drive to the resort. Summer asked me some questions that made me awkward initially but then she got me open and said she will support me. I was very happy for the choice I made to have her with me. My mind rushed about what my master will do to her. Will he molest her, will he abuse her in front of me sexually, will he respect that she is my sister? I really got scared but then this uncertainty drove me crazy. I was aroused, I felt very much defenseless and horny

Couple hours drive, we came to the spot. We were asked to seat in the lounge until my master comes. I was told he will arrive by 3pm from airport. He had texted me before he got into flight. I was wearing normal clothes and so did summer. She was pretty normal and was impressed with the resort thing. At 230 I got a text from my master that he landed safely. Yes, I moved to restarea as he asked me take off my panty and stuff into my purse. Summer wouldn't know anything about it. I followed his instructions fingering my ***** slowly as I tried visualizing his erect phallus. Making my **** wet, I came out of rest area to see summer talking to a nice looking couple. They thought she was alone by herself. You will expect such advances at single girls at such places. She introduced me to them. Frankly, I'm not to know anyone. He will punish me if he finds out. Anyway, he was still 15 minutes away I got into quick conversation. The couple had come from new york for their 5th wedding anniversary. When I told them we have "him" joining us, they left us with a nice hand shake. Man was handsome so was his partner, a beautiful woman in mind 20s. And then I saw him coming thru the gated door. I greeted him with a smile and we hugged softly. I introduced summer to him and he was pleased to see my sister.
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So do I write the rest of the story and then submit it to you? Will you post it or do I just write it here? I would hate to write it and then have it not please you and then you not submit the story.