Anal Sex With Little Cousin

My cousin was 10 years old. She had one nice a*s that i would fancy about. She nice lips and barely ****. I was 13 when this happend. Her *** would bump out of her and stick out. It got me hard everytime i looked at it. One time, we were staying at our aunts and it was me my cousin and aunt. Our aunt had work and it was just me and my cousin. My cousin is mexican and so am i. She was wearing pajamas and tight pajama slacks. Her *** was sticking out pretty good. As we were watching tv, i had the urge to tell her she had a nice butt. I told her and she said " thanks i guess but thats weird." And she blushed. When she walked by me, i slapped her a*s . It jiggled And it really got me hard. She said hey what was that for. I said i had the urge. She was in the shower and i just wanted to see her fine ***. The door was open to the restroom and i peeked. I saw her *** a little and by that time, my **** was throbbing for her ***. I sneaked in their. As she saw me she screamed" what are you doing in here!" I said i really wanted to have sex with her and she said " i dont know" i told her it would be fun and i quickly took off my clothes and got in there. Now, i can see her naked body, her a*s her p*ssy, everything. At first she was shy. I told her to suck my ****, but se didnt know how. I told her to lick it and stick her mouth around it and she did. I also told her not to put her teeth on it becuz it hurt. As she did it, it felt reallly good. I ****** her mouth for about 30 minutes. I pre cummed on the shower floor. She said she really wanted to do it now. I told her to get on her knees and hands and arch her back down. As she did, she looked so sexy, her *** looked sooooo good sticking out, waiting for my **** to enter. As she did that, i looked for a type of lube. I quickly got some body wash. I spread it on her *** to make it looked slippery. I was really horny now. As i put the body wash back, her a*s looked so amazing. I quickly got on my knees and slowly touched her *** cheeks with my hard ****. I slowly slipped it into her anal hole. She first moaned, and so did i. It felt so good. My **** in my cousins ***. F*cking her tight hole, slipping in an out. At first it hurt her, but then she was a pro. I was pumping her hard for about 40 mins. My theighs slapping her theighs. My **** slipping in and out and in. her anal hole was around my erect cocked the warm moist feeling of her nice butt hole around my **** felt so good. her butt slapping against my balls and theighs. ******* her hole like no tomorrow. grabbing her hips and slapping her a*s, riding her like a bull.It was very sexy. I was ******* my little cousin. I ended the hot sex with me jizzing on my cousins ***. He said she liked it and we can do it again next time. I am looking forward!
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I had to sit on my boy cousins lap and he got an erections and I could feel it during the entire car ride

She was 10?

If you would care about her, you would wait until she becomes a woman.

Well, I want to **** my second cousin, and we screwed around at bit at ages 8-10

the amount of water wasted lmfao