Cousins also play ball with me, and they play a post (or more like a training ground dummies), and sometimes even wear shirts, so that I can put that as a real game.
Later, our family had their own FIFA 14 Coins house, "stadium" is also very simple, the back door is treated as a goal. When I kicked the ball sofa, we also have "foul." I will send complaining to the referee illusion, like a real game. Play when I was overjoyed, constantly shouting "Neymar into!" I miss it together.

Chelsea rejected
August 23, 2010, my father and club president Santos talks with Chelsea gave me a very large amount of the transfer contract. Middle of the talks, President turned off the lights, pointing to an empty chair, Cheap FIFA 14 Coins said, "This seat is a great country to sports heroes to sit. Since Senna's death, this seat has been vacant if Neymar Chelsea refused to stay in Santos contract, to the hero of the seat he took the first step. "

Let these words deep in thought, this Buy FIFA 14 Coins decision may be a turning point in my life. Bailey even have to call me. As you can imagine I can feel how important is it? Number one to call me to let me stay! Bailey tells the story of his career at Santos, he won the championship for national teams and clubs as well as he gets identity. It was not an easy decision, but for us it was a right decision. We made ??the right decision for our family, friends and my career. FIFA 14 Coins
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Aug 18, 2014