First Caning

I had my first caning at school just a week before my eighth birthday.

I was given three strokes,

I wore thick serge short trousers, and thick woolen underpants, yet I carried the weals for nearly two weeks.

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i use to get paddle at school
mom dad ue belt at home allways wnted to try the cane but didnt

That's fine, horses for courses!

Yes, unfortunately it is also banned in our schools in S.A.

Pepsi -- it was a bamboo cane in those days.<br />
not a heavy one at that age, but they got thicker and longer as you got older and bigger.<br />
corporal puinishment is now banned in ALL schools in the uk

Are we talking about a cane made of bamboo, or a stronger piece of wood? Although, I feel it was still extreme punishment! You guy's and girl's must of had bottoms of leather? Or, you wish you had bottoms of leather! Do all children in the UK, get whipped with the cane, now?

Pepsiboy, yes the 24 cane strokes extra was too harsh!

I don't like the nin's punishment, to me seams a bit harsh! I would have taken that cane, to her as i did a teacher here in the US. He hit me but once, and then I hit him back three times. If I, had went to a catholic school there would have been Hell to Pay from me! I think that was a overkill, and shame on them! I hope, they make good with there lives, before answering to God.

Thanks for the nice wishes, David. I will contact you.<br />
I wish you a spanking year.

Yes David, you know what it is to be spanked!! <br />
Thats why the world is in it's present state of disorder, because there are no more proper discipline.

I also received my first caning at my private prep school in the UK aged 8 or 9 in the early 1960's.<br />
It was not as bad as it seems as the Head used a light prep school cane as opposed to the heavier canes used in middle and senior school. It was however viciously whippy and excruciatingly painful.<br />
We had to remove our shorts for canings and bend over in our underpants. It was the summer term and we wore light aertex cotton boy's underpants. I was given four strokes over their taute seats and the stripes were also evident for several weeks.<br />
It was the first of many canings over my school career. I believe that it was extremely beneficial to me and did me no lasting harm.

I had very similar experiences when I was a little girl. Back in elementary school, we used to get spanked on the panties in front of the entire class when we misbehaved (or missed homework), I still get goose bumps whenever I remember bending over the desk and raising my skirt at the back. Our teachers normally used a board-ruler rather than a cane, but it was still quite painful and embarrassing (it also seemed terribly unfair that the boys didn't have to show their underwear when they got punished, but that's how it was done back in my school). While I hated the actual spankings, displaying my cotton panties to the whole room made my head spin with a mixture of shame, humiliation, and reluctant pleasure, if you can understand that. The spankings hurt enough to make me cry, but I always "replayed" the scene in my mind's eye later on, and the memories always got me somewhat hot and bothered... :)

I am from the southern US, meaning that they still perform corporal punishment in schools where I live. Being a less than behaved child, I was paddled many, many times at school, be it by the principal, or whatever teacher felt like doing it (They used paddles, instead of canes, as is typical in American schools.). Did it hurt? Not all that much (For the sake of ob<x>jectivity, I don't remember much in the way of pain from any physical punishments, be it a paddling, spanking with a belt, smack across the face that splits the lip, or a close fisted punch leaving a bruise.), but I doubt it would have made much of a difference if it did. <br />
<br />
In a nutshell, while one can debate whether or not corporal punishment is appropriate, I personally am doubtful as to whether it actually makes any difference or not. They paddled in my schools, and some kids still misbehaved. Clearly, corporal punishment, regardless of it being morally acceptable or not, is not some "silver bullet" that will make kids behave "like in the good-old days".

it was the normal thing then<br />
and it should be now<br />
give teachers authority in their schools, and standards will improve