Still Receive Cp

When I do something I shouldn't I am usually spanked with a paddle as punishment. It hurts and I don't like being spanked, but I do benefit from the spankings. At home I was spanked until I was 18 by my mom, and she used a wooden paddle on my bottom that stung like everything. Sometimes I was spanked with her hand, but most of the time I was paddled. Same thing at school. I did something wrong, I got a spanking. Now as an adult, I have been lucky enough to find someone who is willing to administer cp when it is needed. Spankings do hurt, but the benefits outweigh the short term pain of a sore bottom.

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A good dose of cp can be quite cathartic. It purges the mind of the various misdemeaners I have committed. Yes, painful at thje time (surely it is meant to be) but great afterwards.

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My sentiments 100%! It works!!<br />
Sweet, I do exactly the same and my wife does the rest.