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Crapping My Pants

I have allways loved pooping in my pants i love the feeling the smell, i really love to shock people when they find out or suddenly realize what ive done. I guess its because growing up i became a bit of a rebel, my father abused me mentally and physicly (spelling?) my mother allways wanted me to be a girly girl you know white cotten panties nice dresses etc etc i hate dresses and skirts, i mean i do wear them at work (i have too dress code) i prefer jeans or sweat pants. so i guess my panty pooping is a way to get back at them i saw it annoyed them (drove them crazy iam sure) but in spite of the beatings i got from my father i continued now days of course my g.f loves it she laughs when i go in my pants, she does pretend to get embarased and annoyed when i do it in public like at a mall or someplace, but i know shes really getting hot for me and wants to get home a.s.a.p for our love making. mells

mells mells 31-35, F 13 Responses Feb 15, 2009

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We so enjoy pooping in or pants we will share it with each other when one cant prouduse what a wonderful thing to enjoy together.

my god yes!! We are a couple that loves doing that we would love to chat with you some time

Thank you for your comment, i think your probably right, for my self i just think were harming no one, i mean its not like were forcing people to poo/wet there pants, so lets just enjoy our selves.

Not a female, but I too enjoy a good pants filling in public. I'm not an exhibitionist. That is I don't tell someone I need to poop and then do it in my pants as they watch. I try to do it as stealthily as I can, but in a situation such as being at the rear of a store, or at the opposite end of a mall from where my truck is parked. Then I have to navigate my way back to the entrance with a load in my pants. I watch others react as they notice the poop odor.

I wet my panties a lot more often than I poop in them, but I do it on occasion, and I do it in public also. I really get turned on bu the humiliation and embarrassment of having "a not so accidental accident" and seeing other's reaction when they realize that someone pooped their pants.Unlike you, I love wearing skirts I also wet in public.

Hi back bacon yes we can, no problem, i have made a note of your email and i will get back to you in a day or two ok?. thanks for compliments (my g.f says theres no living with me now f --ing cheek eh) seriously your right about panty pooping being a very private thing, i think its more popular than we may all think. I have to be honest anytime i have seen someone doing it i allways think i wonder are they enjoying it or i wonder if that was done deliberate. anyhoooooooo will email you soon i promise.

Mells,<br />
That was REALLY helpful. I'll never look at you like you're different or anything, I promise. I find you to be a very nice person since you were kind in your responce to me. I have learned through my research that it's a "quiet thing" people don't hear a lot about it on the street, but I've come to learn that it seems very "widespread", (poop joke, LOL), popular among people. I love how annonymous people are on this site. It's great. It makes me want to open up a lot more! Should I? You see, I have a secret that I intended to take to the grave with me. (no worries, it's not criminal, lol). But you see, my problem is, I am so extruciatingly shy about this, I have not told a single soul about it in my entire life and because of this, I can't get past it! I would never even tell health professional. I am asking for your help. Could we talk privately? If you are willing...please email me!<br />
<br />
email><<br />
<br />
Thank you for your time and help:)

HI all my stories are true, i admit i play around a bit with them i add humour and little anecdotes ut they are true. For the most part it doesnt bother me what people think, i got over that a long time ago, my parents know i do it iam suprised they didnt try to get me certified lol. re self confidence when i do it, ummm a genuine accident yes i do feel humiliated / low self esteem i know it makes no sence but its true, when i do it deliberatly all i feel is an intence rush a kind of high i guess, of course i dont do it all the time i mean i do use the toilet most times, some weeks /months go by before i do it again its just when i post my stories it does seem like i do it all the time. yeah i do worry about someone finding out about it and telling someone else, i have to be carefull at work that no one finds out, i have had a few accidents at work (genuine ones) but luckily when it happened my friend helped me clean up and she never said a word to anyone. because of my life style and my upbringing i dont worry about being persecuted, i grew up very fast i lived on the streets for a few months, i guess i became cold and hard. I now have a very understanding g.f who loves me and my fetish. hopefully this has been helpfull, to be honest i dont understand it my self all i know is when i get the feeling/urge i have to do it, and its allways ok this is the last time no more, you do it and feel really guilty but at the same time you get a wonderfull high (for want of a better discription) did this help any? feel free to ask more questionsif you want to and thanks for being friend. mells

Mells<br />
Wow, you have some pretty crazy stories! Are these stories actually real? Are you ever afraid of ruining your reputation? Do you feel intense fear and/or humilliation? Does panty pooping effect you self confidence? Do you ever fear that someone will know who you are, what you do for fun? Do you fear you might meet them and have them bring it up infront of someone you would not want them knowing about your "fun times?" Do you fear being put down or persecuted for it? Do you ever fear you could be looked at very negatively?<br />
<br />
I ask with all due respect, I'm just REALLY curious!

I know what you mean when you say you like pooping yourself in public... don't you love the looks on people's faces when they can smell the mess you made in your pants? Haha. I'd love to hear more from you too.

Thanks for sharing, I could feel your excitement. Would love to feel more.....too.

Thanks for sharing, would love to hear more.