me and my girlfriend were walking when all of a sudden we went to goodtime burger.their burgers were great.i was 8 at the then we went back to our hotel since we had a soccer tournament.we were in the elevator and it stopped working due to lightning.she had to go to the bathroom really bad.i told her to hold it.she wouldn't she went dirrhea all over the floor.then finally pissed herself.she kept going dirrhea in there for about 10 minutes.she started then i charmed her by kissing her on the lips.that's how we became boyfriend and girlfriend.we are going to get married in june.i still tell her about this story.haha!!!!

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Awwwwwwwww! That's adorable! That sounds so ideal :3

this sounds simaller to another story when u were eight i read earlier did all ur gfs at age 8 ****(or in this case ****)themselves if so thats intresting