Day From Hell... School Buses, Curbs, And Trees. Oh My!!!

Iwas leaving my internship a little early to get ice for the girls soccer team before the game. As I was leaving i saw a bus coming so i went to change lanes. As I moved to the left I noticed I was maving issues moving.... the bus was attached to my car! I didnt even feel anything!!! the best way I can explain it is was the bus was going to make a turn, it went wide and clipped my front right tire. The cops came and the school administrators came out (great way to make an impression) and eventually I was told I could go. All that was wrong with my car was that my front right directional was smashed but the cops said that was it and i was good to drive.
I was so flustered from my first accident that I decided to skip the soccer game and go home. I was just driving past a firestation when all of the sudden my car went out of control. It turned out my right front tire was damaged and blew. I went through a curb, which blew my back right tire, and then smashed into a tree. My car stopped a tthe same timemy airbags deployed. I was really lucky the only damage i could see to myself was bruises on my arms from the airbags. Before i even registered anything else there were a bunch of firemen outisde my car.I was crying over and over again that my dad was gonna kill me and trying to call my roomate to come get me. And tahts about all I remember from the scene.i thought we were there for about 5 minute but my roomie said we were there for over an hour. i was totally out of it. I had a refused an ambulance but my roomamtes and parents both wanted me to get check out so I was driven to the ER against my wishes and was there from 8 pm till 2:30 am.somehomw my parents made it from tampa to naples before they ran any teston me.
Its been almost four weeks and I am still carless. I didnt have any major injuries but my back and my right shoulder (the one not restrained by the seatbelt) are still sore... need to go see a doctor again to follow up. But thats the end of my first accident.... it was a pretty crumby day. Seriously never had an accident and then i have two in one day!!!!
christy0590 christy0590
22-25, F
Mar 4, 2012