I'm Stupid :(

I was going to park my mom's car at my boyfriend's garage, but I was SOOO stupid that I only looked back through 2 mirrors. So ****, there was a neighbour's car parked right there behind me and I didn't f*ckin' see it. And I was happy thinking "oh nice, there are no cars coming, I can go back a little faster".

So I did and then "something" stopped me. Then I saw it was that car. I just scratched it a bit (they won't notice =P), but mine got its paint removed for about 10 cms :(. And my bf didn't help because all he wanted to do was tell the neighbours :@. 

So well, it's a shame and it gets me both sad and angry at the same time. Because I was too stupid to do so, and because it was hard for me to get into a fight with my bf because he just didn't want to give me any kind of support. After all, I left like half an hour later (so it wouldn't look like "hey she f*cked my car and she left"), but all I wanted was to be alone and see my car better :(. 

Today I had to face the truth and tell mom. It was hard, but she seemed to understand (she hasn't seen the car yet though). I hope she keeps on lending the car to me. And I hope I'm less stupid the next time I drive.

xkcdgirl xkcdgirl
22-25, F
Feb 19, 2009