I Would Do Anything For A Hug With Someone Who Cared :(

I would give everything I have to find someone who cares about me and would hug me whenever I needed one. Sometimes I find life extremely difficult, I dont always make things easy for myself but I think just having someone there to hug can make everything go from bad to good. I am very kind, caring and loving person but my confidence lacks a tremendouse amount so I find it hard to get out there and make new friends or get a girlfriend, I put this mainly on my ex-gf who cheated on me with someone else which smashed my confidence into a million different pieces.

I am always the one who helps everyone else and never helps myself. Some reason this to some people think I am not the one stood there craving a hug :'(
luglys luglys 18-21, M Jul 13, 2011

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