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Two People I Am Craving Hugs From

1. My Mamawl sharon i miss her so much shes in heaven looking down at me
and all i want is one last long loving hug from her.

2My late friend Christopher.
He was truely a beautiful person form the inside out and he made anyone laugh but today four months ago i lost him.
His hugs were magical,amazing. I would give anything to hug him one last time.

Meggiebear77 Meggiebear77 18-21, F 1 Response Jan 30, 2012

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I lost my grandmother 12.19.2004 and sometimes wish I could discuss my life as it is now with her...<br />
<br />
Your latter story makes me think of a military daughter that used to live across the street from me that I have very fond memories of that I wish I could reach across the ocean to where she lives now and enjoy another Grace hug

i miss there hugs no ones hugs will replace their hugs