Six Feet Under

She was born into a world where nothing made sense in her mind. Her freedom is limited. She's expected to abide by rules. She must learn to adapt with other people. She will do whatever it takes to survive, even if she'll never end up happy. This is just a list of things that form a reasonable life style though. She wanted to find herself, her purpose in life. She absorbed other people in different ways. She'd talk to them, connect with them,  watch their actions or listen. She could feel the pain in every single one of them, craving for attention. I mean, they were all just like her, wanting to find their purpose in life. Although, all of these people would pretend to be okay and focus on the positive things in life, such as their own good health or their loved ones. She began to feel depressed because she's the type that no one really likes. She's the "friend" that no one likes, or the quiet girl that isn't fun to be around, or the shy girl that feels awkward all the time. She realizes she doesn't fit, at least no here. She uses music and her imagination to escape reality. Although the music still reminds her of her life and she realizes that her family's slipping away and her friends are never their for her when she needs them to be. She then goes back to the thought of how she was brought into this life to do, what? To be miserable? That's just how she feels. She looks around and feels alone. She sees how different people truly are from her. She sees children walking around with knives in their hands and smiles on their faces. Do these children really know what they're doing? Or are they being taught that that's the right thing to do? Or are they naturally evil? She feels that these children crave attention because their parents are out of their lives, or not watching them, or doesn't care. These children need attention and here their parents neglect to take care of them. She realizes that this isn't the life she wants to be apart of. How could life be this disappointing? Is she the only one that sees the true power that one person can do to another? Why would anymore want to live here? How could anymore pretend that everything is okay? She reflects on herself and knows that she is caring, invisible and depressed. Where does that leave her? Six feet under. She doesn't exist when you don't see her.

AngelWithin AngelWithin
22-25, F
Mar 13, 2010