My Experiences

This is Karan Singha and let me introduce about an incident that took place around 1 year ago when I was 27 years old. In the area almost around a kilometer from my place, lived my friend Babu along with his beautiful wife Vijayalakshmi, and with their 2 year old son. My friend Babu was working in Dubai and would be at home only once in 6 months. His wife would be alone and I used to go to their home in order to help her. One day, as I went there around 7 pm and knocked the door, she did not open the door but I heard her voice asking me to come in. I went in and found her in the bedroom breastfeeding her son. I could see her beautiful white boobs along with brown areolas and nipple which the child was holding on. I wanted to suck it there itself and could not take my eyes off it. She saw that and asked me, “ Singha, what are you staring at?” I was totally shocked. I told sorry and said that I am leaving. I thought she is very angry and that is the end of all our relationship. Instead she held my hand and told smilingly, “Do you need my milk? For the past 3 days I am lactating heavily and there is no one to relieve me. Please wait till my chellam finishes his turn. Afterwards the entire milk is for you”. I waited for another 15 min and got my turn and had a real milk feast that day. We continued this for another 1 month till my friend Babu returned and took both her and their son along with him to Dubai. Any ladies, after reading this story, who wants to share their divine milk and in and around Chennai please c at jdumil143atgmail dot com. Your desire would be fulfilled and all secrecy maintained. Please only milk relationship, no sex please. Waiting for your eager reply.
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Nov 27, 2012