High Risk Behavior

I was 12 in Houston when a Hurricane came right into town. The eye passed over our house so we caught the highest winds of both sides of the storm. i got bored, went into the garage and found a piece of plywood, about 18 inches wide and 3 or so feet long. This was after one side of the 'cane hit and the eye was blazing sunshine and blue sky down on us. I grabbed the board, and went into the front yard to watch the wall of the other side of the eye come to us. I was going to  use the board to see how far I could fly before I lost hold of it. Breaking something of me never crossed my mind.

Just as  the eye passed and the winds struck, I mean it was like instantaneous, there was no warm up, one moment it was sunshine, blue sky, and no wind or breeze just calm, to about 100 mph rain coming sideways, and darkness. The wind caught my board, moved me about 2 feet up, and 6 feet back on my ***, with the board continuing on at 100 mph, disappearing in the darkness.  My mother had looked  out the little  window in the door, the others being boarded up, just in time to see my stunt and me being knocked down, the board flying off, and out she came.  My hands, arms and face were bloody from  where the board  had hit me, and there was debris flying everywhere.  Her comment and action? slapped me on the head, grabbed me by an arm, started cussing, and literally dragged  my little butt into the house rather quickly.  After a five minute cursing, she broke out the first aid kit,  examined  my minor injuries, bleeding and all, and beginning to chuckle bandaged me up.

But for me that was one of the greatest experiences of my life.  It led to motorcycles and speed, water ski speed races ( I once hit 97 mph ) para sailing, which was  a lot more tamer than it had looked,) hang gliding in the desert, crossing the desert on horseback and mopeds, shark hunting (with spear guns) the greatest adrenalin rush I ever had, actually a tie, an airliner I was on crashed from 30,000 feet. In high school, a drunken friend and I,  chose pistols, he a six shot colt, and I a Luger, these from his dad's collection, went into the back yard of his ranch and proceeded to see who could shoot the most beer bottles from between the legs of each other at 25 feet. Luckily, his folks came home early, caught us and stopped us before we hit each other. But what a freaking rush! I don't have space or time to go through all my exploits but if no one else would do it I would!

I think this had to do with being emotionally empty, repressed or whatever. My family was not allowed any emotions, my dad was a Marine. He was the Poster Child for the marines. So that's what he taught us, the Major, Sir, never Dad or Father...

When you feel nothing for the normal, you look for whatever will give you a feeling. And that is what is normal. It wasn't until my son was born, and I became a single parent that I learned this perspective from him, as he learned how to live emotionless from me...  the sins of the fathers....
rmichaels rmichaels
56-60, M
Jul 19, 2010