It's really scary to think about, but I think I do get turned on from humiliation. Even from people laughing at me, though I also hate it. It's a really weird feeling.

I've been thinking up all the most embarrassing stories I have to post here. It makes me wet thinking about other people reading them and laughing or being amused at the way I'm turned on by my humiliation. Or being disgusted with me.

Normally I'm a nice girl. Horny, of course, and kinda naughty, but always nice and real put together and stuff. But sometimes I guess I want to lose control and make a real fool of myself.
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2 Responses Aug 16, 2014

I was thinking in the last 2 days that it is very strange how much I get aroused by humiliation is this normal

Would it turn you on if someone spanked you as "punishment" for a humiliating experience you had? :-)