I Hated Craving Him.

I felt addicted to him. I literally would cry over the hours between visits. I try to forget him. If i think about him long enough the feelings start to return instantly so I stop. The truth of the matter is, even though I loved being on cloud 9 with him, I hated the feelings of craving him. The feeling of being addicted to him. He once told me that he needed me like he needed air to breath and water to live. Our commitment to each other was so strong that we were able to feel each other's feelings. He knew when I was sad even if we were far away. He knew when I was happy even if we were not in the same room. He was able to feel me almost as if we were telepathic with each other. We talked about running away. Nothing ever really materialized. In time, we faded away & eventually I just stop talking to him altogether because this craving and the feelings of knowing I would have done anything for him scared me. To this day if I stop and think about him, the feelings return instantly. The fact is ... I will always love him. I don't dwell on my feelings toward him anymore. I just wish him well.
slavebunny slavebunny
36-40, F
Jul 17, 2010