I Need Him

the feeling when you need some one, the need is insatiable. i crave his touch, his smell, is voice, his presence, everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

when he isn't here i feel empty. when he is here, i want him to come in the house, rip off my clothes, carry me to the bedroom and make passionate love with me all night. to fill me with every inch of himself, with passion that makes the very room shake. to take me so hard, with such vigor that lets me know he has wanted me like this all day. the thoughts i have of him all day drive me crazy, and the way he makes me feel when he is here is indescribable.

ahh i crave his presence!

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7 Responses Mar 21, 2009

all I can say is ... "ditto"

I could have written this myself. My thoughts and feelings exactly for my love.

i know exactly what you mean. i am hypnotized by this guy's scent. it seductive. he wears cologne called "sex on the beach" go figure.lol

me toooooooooooooo!........

Damn!<br />
What a lucky guy. ^__^

Heh, lucky fella

me too...gorgeous how you said it.