Twilight Into Darkness the Animal Stalks

Silently, I stalk you in the dark and the light; like an animal, I crave to consume your essence.

I search my mind for the liquid sounds of your movement in the wind, yet there is none.

I hunger for your heart’s laugh, yet there is no sound. 

I crave to feel your skin upon my skin, yet my skin still longs to feel your masculine touch.  

I long to feel the heat of your breath on my face and upon my body, yet I remain cold and longing. 

I walk hungry in this life between twilight and darkness.  Will my hunger ever be quenched? 

Or am I doomed to walk through the barren wilderness searching, only to be trapped in this solitude?  Only you can tell me the answer.


fungirlmmm fungirlmmm
46-50, F
17 Responses Mar 21, 2009

Oh I am certain he does. I AM VERY CERTAIN. Smooches HG. I miss you.

Wha a lucky fella he must be. Hope he appreciates it and you!

lol yes she is

Yes you are sweetpea.

Ahhhhhhh FG you should have just told me ..... I am always there for you... smiles

Awww Moon.

Can you tell I have been reading Emily again?

Thanks sweetpea.

Special! You are sweet, Fg. This is a beautiful letter, to be sure-you do crave, it comes through.

Awww thanks darling. I've missed my special friend.

send him letters like this and he will definitely say yes.

Thanks snowy bun buns.

Very nice FG!

have a good sleep my friend.

Yes, it is a wonderfully delightful thing when one has worked hard all day.

Yes, it is a wonderfully delightful thing when one has worked hard all day.

This is how i feel about my bed right now... Got off of work washing dishes with out break. Was soaked in water and all cold like. Now i have eaten so i am full and i am getting warmer now that i am out of my wet cloths. Warm bed is an amazing thing!