I've been "single" for a couple of months now. While I do not miss the touch of my husband, I miss the regular touch of a lover. Someone who cares for me, who can't wait to touch me.
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hugging you and kissing your neck. Holding you tight against my body....

Ive been missing that special touch and feeling for a year now..... I know what you mean.....

How many days can go by between 2 so called "loving" people without being touched or physically acknowledged? I know I've waited for days and the longer it goes the more resentment builds.

I would think it depends on the situation. In a relationship, I don't think there should be a day with a loving touch unless its physically impossible.

i wish i was there darlin

Sounds like he was not there for you to hold and hug you. Hope you find that guy and makes you happy and loved again