When I'm Neglected..

If I don't have a boyfriend or if I'm being overlooked by certain people, I yearn to be touched by just one human. Today, I was working on a summary with a group project that I have to do for one of my classes and one of my group memebers is wreckless and has that annoying remissness that makes me want to tape him down to a chair and make him write for a long time. Well, he's sort of cute, but not totally hot. But I was working and he called me over to the computer because our teacher was watching us [more him actually] as we worked. He told me to read it, and as I was reading, he began to touch my knee. I didn't really mind it at first, but he began to creep his hand up higher and higher up my thigh before I rolled away on my computer chair. Then as I was writing my own summary, he came over and watched me type as if he hasn't seen anyone type on a computer in his whole life. He snuggled his way in between my other partner, Shane, and he watched the words move on my screen. He placed his hand on my knee once again and said "Kasey, I think, I think that's good" pretending to read my summary. Moving up farther, I began to worry, and just as he was about to go past the suitable boundaries, the bell rang.(:

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Learning to set healthy boundaries can be very hard. I'm trying to learn myself what boundaries to set. But it's a good idea to set them so you don't end up doing something you may regret later. If what he's doing makes you even the slightest bit uncomfortable let him know. (He obviously doesn't have good boundaries.)

Be careful. If you aren't interested, tell him clearly.