I keep telling myself I can go without. Then......... That urge always comes back with a vengeance! Grrrrrrr.
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A kiss is intimate..so therefore we all crave and need those long sensual kisses every once in a while!


Sorry. Don't be sad.

No love in life

Why go without?

Crave it? You bet I do.

It's such a close personal act.

I have the same problem. And I'm getting to a point where fantasy/online is not enough. When do I get this IRL again?

It's torture sometimes!

Definitely know what you mean - fantasy has it's place but pleeeease give me some real lips...

I didn't realize how much I missed it until being with someone who loved to kiss and is exceptionally good at it. Damn that's some good stuff.

Lucky girl......

I am, thanks ;)


I know the feeling! Not many like to kiss like that or do it well...it's so underrated.

Nothing and mean nothing gets my motor running faster than a woman who knows to kiss really well.

That is so good to know ;)

A lot of men rush through the kissing part and it is disappointing. A man that can deliver a kiss that kills can make my motor rev into the redline!!

I've literally spent hours just making out. I love it.

Awesome! I wouldn't be able to last that long. You'd have to tie me down, or else I'd...............;)

Yeah I know.......;)

Oh sweetie, you have no idea.......;)

I've known you long enough I could probably figure it out😘

Okay. You've got me there. Can't argue with that. 😘

And I think you know what I would do....😛

Uh huh....I hope so 😉

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Happens to the best of us... *grins*

I'm sure it does.