~ In Everyway, & Everyday. ~

- I crave it. To me it is almost the be all & end all of my existence. Romantic love is the one I want the most, probably because it is the one I don't have as of yet. Physical love I've had...Wasn't all it was cracked up to be. Suspect it will probably be better if romantic love is involved. Heehee! At least I hope so, or I'm gonna be one disappointed lady. Will definitely be writing to some authors & getting quite bitchy! -

- Family love I have. I wish some were a bit more expressive with it, but I do KNOW I have it. Love of friends, well, I'm starting to realize that I have that too. It's a nice feeling. Unconditional love.... I get that from my pets & my Goddess. I don't suspect that I'll truly need it from someone else.  -

- I have found that self-love is the hardest to get, work at, & keep. For me, I think romantic love will be easier for me then this learning to love me love. There is so much noise, that I can barely hear myself inside most days. Whining, Bitching, Complaining....Yeah, sometimes it's a lot easier to just hate myself then to take the time to find out what's going on & be loving to myself..........But I'm learning. It'll take awhile, but then it took quite some time to hate myself.... I can do it though, because anything worth loving is worth fighting for. =] And I'm WORTH IT! -

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1 Response Mar 18, 2009

youll get there my friend