Man On Man With The Preacher Man!

I was young but had lots of experience with sexual relations with men and women. My preference has always been men. The sex is so much hotter. I performed in many **** flicks at age 18. I had to perform with both sexes. At that age, a hard **** does what is required. Right? After I got a few years older, I wanted to clean up my soul. I felt filthy with all I had done for money which also included prostitution. I had long blonde hair and blue eyes and a tight little body. To many, I was considered cute. In searching for the true faith, I ran across a bible study group in San Antonio, Texas where I lived.

This study group was headed up by a middle aged man named Kerwin. He was a very handsome a man with piercing eyes. Each week, we assembled to read and discuss the bible. Truly wanting to clean up my mind, I had many questions that required much thought and explaination. Kerwin took me under his wing. He invited me to a coffee shop after the study group had ended. We sat and discussed various topics including the fact my background was of an XXX rated nature. He didn't show any offense to the explaination of my past. I took this as being excepted, as anyone should be. He gave me his opinion of what God thought about my sorted acts. I felt ashamed but needed to confess to him for some reason. He invited me week after week to the coffee shop for furthur discussions and I excepted. Sitting across the table every week staring into his beautiful eyes started me down a path I feared. I was becoming attracted to this man. I had the ability to turn the heads of men who were on the fence with their sexuality. I started flirting with him in a very subdued manner. He would respond with a little naughty grin. Once I received a positive response from him, I would take it a bit further. Again, he would show a little of his naughty side. After several weeks of meeting at the coffee shop, I suggested coming to my home and meeting my parents. He agreed so the following week, after bible study had ended, we drove to my parent's place. I introduced my mother and father. We talked with them for a short while then retreated to my bedroom. We sat on the bed with our bibles between us. After 15 or 20 minutes of discussion and staring into each others eyes, Kerwin reached over and pulled my head closer and kissed me passionately. This is what I had been waiting for but was afraid to admit to myself. His tongue searched for mine for what seemed an eternity. I shook with anticipation and reached down to touch his swollen ****. He suddenly got up and walked over to the door and locked it. I was glad he took caution where my parents were concerned.  He unbuttoned his shirt, unbuckled his belt and unzipped his pants while walking back to the bed. I got up and removed all my clothes quickly while he finished with his socks. The only thing either one of us had on was our underwear. I dropped to my knees and started licking his very hard **** covered in only white fabric. I slowly pulled his shorts down and licked his **** as it popped out. He took me by my shoulders and slowly pulled me up to kiss him once again. He held me with one arm and pulled at my underwear with the other. I helped in removal of my shorts and climbed into the bed. He followed and placed his body over mine, spreading my legs with his. It was obvious he was preparing to **** my ***. He lowered his body onto my chest, placing his very hard **** between my legs and buried the head in my butt cheeks. My heart was pounding with anticipation. He started making movements like he was going to dry **** me. I remembered my lube was across the room in a drawer. I didn't want to stop what was taking place. I spit in my hand and messaged his ****. There was a large amount of precum so the spit added just enough lubrication. I spit in my hand again to lubed my *******. I took his **** and guided it into my awaiting hole. He thrust his stiff **** all the way in to his balls. He wanted it to hurt and it did. The pain soon turned to pleasure as he pumped my *** fast and furious. I could feel him becoming bigger and harder. Knowing he was ready to shoot his hot load in my ***, I spit in my hand again. I quickly jacked off for just 20 or 30 seconds when he screamed with a muffled grunt. He blew a huge hot load in me. It burned up inside my *** which made me *** as hard as I had ever experienced. I shot my load on my stomach and face. He fell down on top of me in total exhaustion. He kissed me so passionately once again, holding me tight. After a few minutes, he jumped up, wiping my *** off his stomach and chest. He apologized for the sexual act saying," Jesus wouldn't like this." He was almost in tears as he dressed himself. I was taken back by this statement my mentor had just spoken. He went across the hall to the bathroom to comb his hair and returned to my room to kiss my one more time. I walked him out as we said our goodbyes.

We continued this sorted affair for about two years. Knowing his feelings of guilt would always be there, I found a girl who excited me and we married. Kerwin was invited to the wedding but didn't attend. A few weeks later, Kerwin showed up at our apartment. I opened the door and introduced him to my wife as a study buddy. She took leave and retreated into a back bedroom. I walked into the kitchen with Kerwin following behind. I turned to ask him if he would like something to drink. He grabbed me and pulled me close to him and attempted to kiss me. I stopped the kiss and reminded him my wife was just a doorway down the hall. I escorted him to the door where I said, "Good night."

I have often thought about Kerwin over the years and wondered what ever happened to him. Be well, my friend...
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preachers and priests are hot for *******. sometimes nuns and priests get married after long time of premarital sex.

I briefly dated a priest when I was in my early 20's. He was about 10 years older. He lived in housing attached to the church...a door in his living room actually went into the church. Even though the sex occurred in his bedroom, I was young and felt very awkward about meeting him there, so it didn't last long. I wouldn't have that same problem today!

Haha! Yeah, it was over ten years ago now. I was young and have learned a lot from many relationships since then. I'd actually like to track him down to apologize but the internet doesn't seem to want to reveal his whereabouts, so oh, well. I'm sure he has long since forgotten about me.

Wow you were right we like the same things.....
Very hot story...

Sounds like you enjoyed seducing a religous man.

I had brief semi-relationship with a "Bishop" in my church, he groped me and always winked at me as I came to church. He said once, God made you a fine man, and you should enjoy the earthly pleasures. It never went further, if he was hot maybe...

Very hot... I have kind of been on the other side of this when I have seen guys I have been with and been in love with around with their wife and family. Our eyes may meet and there may be a flicker of recognition or a hint of apprehension in his eyes pleading for me to not say anything... and I don't. I wouldn't. But there is always that hollow, hurt feeling in my gut when that happens.

Thanks for sharing!

hot story

Very hot and sexy story and sobering end. Not many people could be able to do what you did and separate the lust from the moral obligations/commitment.

What a great story - very hot and sexy with a sobering ending. You are wise - vegaswiseguy - to separate lust from moral obligations/commitment. I'm glad to have known and friend with you.

Excellent story Thanks for sharing.

From what I know of you, you are still a spiritual person. I am too. I was baptized and confirmed Roman Catholic but can't stand the hypocrisy of the priests many of whom are gay themselves and have sex with the Altar Boys. I believe in God and have daily contact. I do not believe the myths about ************ and homosexuality condemning anyone to hell. I like you so much, you're really a good man.

All I can say is that I'm very, very happy to know you now and am looking forward to keeping in contact with you..