Surviving The Night

With my face half buried in soft pink pillows

the sun rains heavily through sheer rose colored curtains

to drench a soul that has been torn apart

and to quench a mind which remains uncertain


My eyes begging upward towards the warm, brilliant light

my dark onyx spirit still smolders and glows

a glimmering shadow, I hang limp in the arms of morning

Please cleanse me of the terrible things that I know


It's quiet.

I lie on clean sheets, yet I'm tattered and worn

Save me, expose me, bathe me in light

Good Morning, please keep me alive in your warmth.

StarliteRose StarliteRose
26-30, F
12 Responses Feb 9, 2010

I think you are an amazing writer. So many different talents. You could do anything you wanted to in life & be successful, I have no doubt at all about that! I'm pretty sure you know that too. I have to start going back and reading your older posts because you have tons I have never read yet & I love all of them. I'm glad you reminded me whether you meant to or not! MIDGET!

Lmao, haha everyone used to think the same person, but no--she is my twin from another mother and father =P<br />
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Thanks I'm glad you like my writing *blushes* =)

I don't know why this one came up recent since it's from a long time ago but your writing is amazing. I am wondering now what the terrible things you know are. All you artistic & talented people leave me in awe, truly. <br />
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Actually, I've been meaning to ask you lately if you are, indeed, Kitti because you really do sound an awful lot alike. You both end your posts with the kiss lips or whatever they are. Seems suspicious to me! Absolutely beautiful & talented writer.

Thank you my darling Pumpkin *hugs* I'm glad you liked it! =)

Thank you so much Luvmc11! =)

Powerful imagery StarliteRose, beautifully written. Thank You.

Hooray!!!!!! *holds Bub tight* Thank you babe, I'm glad you like it! *muah*

Thank you 2E, I'm so glad you like it! =)

*happy dances* =D

Darn! Sorry! But it doesn't detract from the awesomeness of this poem :P

Kitti? This is SR, LMAO!!!!!!<br />
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Thanks though darling =)

WOW that's ... WOW Amazing kitti! Beautiful and very deep. Thanks for sharing :D